Feast For The Arts

The Ashe County Arts Council
Feast For The Arts

Thank you to everyone who attended last year.

Special thanks to last year's hosts.

Dear Hosts and Guests,

As we move into a very quiet summer, the Ashe County Arts Council is taking stock of where we stand with our programming, fundraising, and events. So much has been upended by the health and economic crisis brought on by Covid-19. As with the rest of the country, the virus has hit our community, causing us all to rethink how we go about our daily routines. Like you, the Arts Council has faced major changes in our everyday operations. Venues are closed, concerts cancelled or rescheduled, fundraisers placed on hold, and gallery exhibits suspended. In the interim, our staff has been working from home, weighing what can and cannot proceed, and keeping our board and volunteers informed about the situation. In short, everything has been placed on hold until at least July, perhaps even later. All of this has had a negative impact on our income stream. Meanwhile, there are still bills to be paid and expenses that cannot be postponed. Every effort is being made to keep the Arts Council poised for a return to normalcy, even as we are effectively shut down.

In these extraordinary times, we are seeking to recoup some of the funds lost from the Feast and Gala by making an unusual request. We are asking those of you who were planning to support the event as hosts or guests to consider making a contribution to the Ashe County Arts Council in an amount similar to what you would have given, had we all been able to gather as friends for dinners. In these sobering times, we are asking that you consider the continued health of a strong Arts Council worthy of your support. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

We realize this is an unusual ask and we would not be making it under ordinary circumstances but we hope you understand the importance of this appeal. Our goal is to be prepared to emerge from this crisis as strong as possible, and to present arts experiences safely and more vigorously than ever. Thank you for any support you can give at this time. In turn, we look forward to showing our gratitude by promoting the “business of the arts” in Ashe County and the region at a higher level and with more fervor than ever.

Wishing each of you safety and good health,

ACAC Board and Staff